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10 Great Foods for a Reverse Aging Diet

Having a healthy diet is one of the best ways to maintain beautiful, vibrant-looking skin, but it can also help slow the aging process in other ways as well. As one of today’s leading longevity institutes, the team from Asher Longevity has helped many live a longer, healthier life through our anti-aging therapies and by offering invaluable advice. Here we want to share some of the top foods you can add to your reverse aging diet, so read on!

1. Red Bell Peppers

You might have heard that bell peppers are healthy, and it’s certainly true, but red ones in particular boast some amazing antioxidant properties. They’re also stocked with Vitamin C, which aids in collagen production in the skin. The antioxidants they contain are called carotenoids and help protect you from sun damage and environmental toxins, among other things.

2. Watercress

This little leaf is hydrating and full of nutrients, like phosphorus, manganese, calcium, potassium, and a host of vitamins. It acts as a natural antiseptic for your skin, increasing the delivery of minerals to your body’s cells and aiding in circulation. It helps keep lines and wrinkles away as well due to the large amount of Vitamin A and C it contains.

3. Blueberries

Not only are they tart and sweet, but blueberries are also extremely rich in Vitamin A and C and boast an antioxidant called anthocyanin, which helps protect against skin damage from the sun, stress, and pollution. They prevent collagen loss and monitor your body’s inflammatory response.

4. Papaya

Papayas are another sweet fruit that offer a multitude of benefits for a reverse aging diet. They help fight free radical damage against the skin by containing antioxidants and an enzyme called papain, which offers anti-inflammatory benefits as well. This fruit helps you shed dead skin cells, leaving you with healthier, more vibrant-looking skin.

5. Broccoli

One of nature’s healthiest vegetables, broccoli is loaded with Vitamins C and K, making it a perfect addition to any reverse aging diet. Additionally, it also contains a host of antioxidants, fiber, calcium, lutein, folate, and more. Eating it raw and gently steaming it is the best way to get all the nutrients.

6. Nuts

It’s no secret that nuts are rich in proteins and oils that are great for our body, but they’re also rich in Vitamins, like Vitamin E, which helps prevent skin damage from UV rays and repairs tissues. Nuts also help keep your skin moisturized and walnuts boast omega-3 fatty acids that aid in strengthening your cell membranes and giving your skin a beautiful glow. Eating pistachios has even been linked to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and almonds have been found to prevent cognitive decline in adults.

7. Spinach

Popeye was on to something by eating so much spinach. If he was a real person and not a fictional character, he’d likely have vibrant skin in addition to being so strong (although he did smoke a pipe, which is a big skincare no-no!). Spinach helps keep the body hydrated and oxygenates and replenishes it, in addition to providing it with much-needed Vitamins. Not only does it contain a wealth of Vitamin A, C, E, and K, but it also contains magnesium and plant-based heme iron. It can help reduce inflammation in cells, as well as promote strong, shiny, and healthy hair.

8. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes get their color from an antioxidant called beta-carotene that the body then converts into Vitamin A, which helps promote skin-cell turnover and restore skin elasticity. They’re also an abundant source of Vitamin C and E, both of which as mentioned above protect the skin from free radicals and helps keep your complexion smooth and vibrant. Sweet potatoes go great as a mashed side dish or as chips for a quick snack.

9. Avocado

Avocados are a great source of potassium, as well as Vitamins A, C, K, and E. They can help promote the negative effects of aging with their high concentration of fatty acids that help fight inflammation and promote healthy skin. Avocados also contain a variety of B Vitamins and help protects us against skin cancers. One great thing about this food is that it can be added to almost anything, like a smoothie or salad, or just eaten with a spoon.

10. Pomegranate Seeds

Last but certainly not least is pomegranate seeds, which contain a compound called punicalagins that help preserve collagen in the skin. For centuries, this fruit has been used as a healing remedy and in many herbal medicines due to its high concentration of Vitamin C and wealth of antioxidants. These seeds make a great addition to any salad.

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For those who want to slow the aging process or reverse its effects, Asher Longevity can provide you with vital resources and treatment options. Our two most successful treatments are stem cell rejuvenation and young blood plasma treatment. Stem cell rejuvenation aids in the anti-aging process by strengthening your immune system and offering protection from blood diseases, some skin cancers, bone and skin diseases, and immune system disorders.

Young blood plasma treatment can help minimize the aging process and yield great short-term results. This is because they infuse the blood and body with many of the various enzymes, proteins, and antibodies that help control aging and overall health.

At the Asher Longevity institute, our passion is helping others live long, productive, and healthy lives by providing them with the right science and lifestyle changes to truly make a difference. To learn more about how we can help make you look younger, contact us online today or call (888) 918-6398.

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