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Curing Aging

Curing Aging The Basic Principles

How would you define a cure for aging? Would it include living a lot longer life while having a significantly more active lifestyle? If your answer to this question is yes, you have come to the right place. While there is not yet a “true cure” for all aging, science is rapidly closing in on the main causes of aging and in so doing is developing solutions one-by-one to dramatically increase life expectancy.

And did you know?

People who adopt the philosophy and programs of Asher Longevity Institute are already taking steps to “cure” their own aging through timely information, recommendations, and available supplements – just to name a few.

Age Reversal. If You Can Count to Six You Can Get Started Now.

Asher Longevity Institute’s simple and easy-to-remember 6-Step program for curing aging in your lifetime includes:

The Basics

Getting them right (eating, exercise, sleep, relationships, etc.)

The Markers

Getting your standard bio markers into the optimum range (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.)

The Supplements

Taking the ones appropriate for warding off diseases and greatly extending life

The Therapies

Taking the drugs and adjuvant therapies to reduce incidence of cancer

The Combinations

Taking the supplements, drugs, and therapies that help cure the four causes of aging

The Protocols

Utilizing the new protocols/therapies that greatly extend life

The Basics

Getting these right includes:

  • Eating the right foods for maintaining your ideal weight and getting the daily doses of common vitamins and minerals
  • Exercising to maintain your heart health, muscle tone, and weight
  • Sleeping the right amount for your body
  • Maintaining healthy relationships for mental well being

The Markers

Getting your standard biomarkers to the right numbers include:

  • A blood pressure of less than 110/70
  • A resting heart rate less than 60 BPM
  • A glucose of less than 85 mg/dL
  • An A1c of less than 5.0%
  • Cholesterol where
    • HDL is greater than 70 mg/dL
    • LDL is less than 50 mg/dL
    • Triglycerides are less than 50 mg/dL
  • An LP(a) (part of LDL not affected by a statin) of less than 30 mg/dL
  • Vitamin D of greater than 50 ng/ml
  • A thyroid balance of (T3 and T4)
Being in the right range for all your biomarkers is not easy for most people. Some people have terrific cholesterol numbers and still have high blood pressure. For others, lowering their heart rate may mean a lot more exercise than the recommended minimum of 30 minutes four times a week. And finally, others may require medication to keep them in the optimum range.

The Supplements

We offer the supplements needed to help ward off disease and greatly extend life.

The Therapies

Adjuvant therapies of common prescription drugs to reduce the incidence of cancer include:

The Combinations

As we age, taking the supplements, drugs, and therapies that cure the four causes of aging include:

  • Supplements that help reverse degraded autophagy, our body’s inability to cleanse (eat) non-regenerative senescent cells that contribute to many of the diseases associated with aging.
  • Metformin (a drug often used to control high blood sugar), periodic fasting, AMPK supplement, and Longevity AI supplements to correct out-of-control cellular proteins [called mTOR] that stimulate good-growth when we are young and can contribute to the growth of life-threating diseases like cancer.
  • Infusions and supplements that rejuvenate NAD+ in our bodies, a co-enzyme (protein catalyst) that is essential for cell function, DNA repair, and systemic life sustenance. This critical enzyme depletes by four percent a year in our bodes, dropping to near zero by age 80.
  • Florassist GI probiotic and immune senescence supplements to help cure immune dysregulation, a condition where our immune system responses are no longer proportional to the actions needed to combat threats to the body.

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