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About Dr. Abid Husain

Dr. Husain is an established cardiologist in the conventional healthcare system. Over the years, while treating patients in a traditional hospital setting, he realized the limitations of this system firsthand. Because of this, he began seeking a way to provide highly impactful, preventative care. After dedicating years to education in functional medicine and the leading-edge research on the biotechnologies of anti-aging, he has found it in cellular science. His education of fundamental cellular processes was spearheaded by Dr. William Seeds and the Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute, of which he is now teaching faculty. Today, his practice Interlinked MD combines each of these modalities to provide the most comprehensive range of care available.

Dr Husain is among the revolutionary few who are changing the way cardiovascular disease is addressed. Through lab testing and non-invasive imaging, he is able to identify patients who are at risk for heart disease as well as treat any existing, subtle, and specific cardiac issues. With InterlinkedMD joining the world-renowned Boone Heart Institute, the most advanced care in conventional and functional medicine is available in one place to achieve optimal results with integrative cardiovascular care.

Aside from being a dedicated, triple board-certified physician in cardiology, functional medicine, and internal medicine, Dr. Husain is also an accomplished painter, outdoorsman, and mixed martial artist. He believes that a balanced life, complete with a diverse set of interests, is the most healthy way to navigate an increasingly stressful and toxic world.

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