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What is Good Sleep For Longevity

Asher Longevity Sleep Guidelines for a Long, Active Life

Getting a great night’s sleep, every night is vital to a long healthy life. It’s one of the most important ingredients to slowing aging and feeling more active every day.

Why is sleep so important to health and long life:

  • The body tissues are repaired
  • New tissue growth occurs at the cellular level
  • Energy levels are recharged
  • Pituitary gland releases Human Growth Hormones 
(HGH) strengthening bones and muscles

How do you improve the percentage of Deep Sleep and why is that important?

Deep sleep is the most restful of all sleep. On a good-sleep night you will have periods up to 90 minutes at a time of deep sleep. Usually that’s the first deep sleep period and these will get shorter through the night. Healthy adults need about 25% of their sleep to be in the deep stage to be optimum.

Deep sleep is characterized by these physical characteristics:

Eyes move rapidly from side to side
Dreaming occurs as your brain actually moves to a more active state than in light sleep
Heart rate returns to close to normal, after slowing down as you first go to sleep
Breathing rate increases and is often irregular

There are proven ways to increase the quality of your sleep, and achieve the optimum deep sleep you need for longevity

  • Go to bed at a consistent time each night
  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night
  • Turn off TV/computer/phone screens (blue light) 
an hour before bedtime or use blue light blocking glasses
  • No caffeine drinks, eating or alcohol after dinner
  • Sleep in a cool environment
  • Darken the bedroom (or use a sleep mask)
  • Use a white noise generator
  • De-stress by reading for a bit before falling asleep

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