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Eating the Asher Longevity Way

Asher Longevity Eating Guidelines for a Long, Active Life

EATING right is probably the most important of the Six Basic Steps to Slow Aging. It’s both WHAT YOU EAT and HOW YOU EAT that will determine how long you live and how active you will be as you age.

Here are the Asher Longevity Institute Guidelines for Eating Right for Long Life

  • Eat intelligently (a balance of protein, good carbohydrates and unsaturated fats)
  • Eat lots of vegetables and some fruit (too much sugar)
  • Consume all essential amino acids or eat meat on the bone (to get the nutrients from the bone marrow)
  • Eat meat cooked safely to assure no pathogens (rare as possible so as to not destroy the nutrients)
  • Eat organ meats once a week (or take an appropriate supplement)
  • Don’t eat too much sugar, saturated fat or non-iodized salt
  • Don’t eat much-processed foods (from food factories) or pre-packaged food (from grocery stores)
  • Supplement with fermented foods daily (yogurt, beer, wine, sauerkraut, pickles, Kombucha, etc.)
  • Cook with olive oil or tropical oils; not with industrial oils
  • When eating out, ask that your meal be cooked in olive oil only
  • When taking or accepting portions, take half
  • Eat slowly, put down fork, chew food thoroughly, swallow, wait, then repeat.
  • Be conscious at the beginning of “feeling full” sensation—STOP EATING
  • Fast twice a week for 16 hours (e.g. finish dinner by 6pm; eat breakfast after 10am the next day)
  • Intentionally fast (skip a meal) periodically
  • Critique every meal afterwards. What did I do well? How do I need to improve?

If you want to have the best possible “Gut Microbiome”, here are some additional guidelines to consider

  • Get most of your protein from vegetables, nuts and mushrooms
  • No sugar
  • Stick to fruits with low glycemic index
  • No Casein A2
    • No dairy products from cows
    • Goat dairy products ok
  • No Lectins
    • No bread, pasta or baked pastries (cookies, pies, etc.)
  • No industrial oils
    • Use olive, coconut, avocado or palm oil
  • Include 2 squares of dark chocolate (cacao 72%) a day
  • Limit wine to 6 oz of red wine only (or one shot of distilled spirits) per day
  • Stick to vegetables with high nutrition and low glycemic index
    • No corn, peas, rice, or soy
  • No processed (food factories) or pre-packaged food (grocery/convenience stores)
  • Acceptable animal dairy protein sources
    • Goat and sheep dairy products
    • Buffalo mozzarella
    • Aged French, Italian or Swiss cheese

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