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Young Blood Plasma Treatment

“New Blood” – Young Plasma Replacement for Longevity and Anti-Aging

There are now reputable clinics giving infusions, via IV, of young blood plasma. These treatments are expensive, but safe and do appear to yield short term results in the fight against aging. Young blood plasma treatment and replacement as a new advanced treatment in the anti-aging battle is slowly gaining traction.

Studies on mice have shown definitive roll-back of apparent age when the blood of young mice is infused. It’s clear that blood plasma contains many of the proteins, enzymes, and other antibodies which control disease and health, including aging. And, it’s proven that many of the components of plasma do age and contribute to some of the effects we see of aging.

Using blood and plasma to fight disease is nothing new

It may have started as early as 1492 when three young boys were used to provide a blood transfusion for Pope Innocent VIII. That one didn’t work out to well, but the science has evolved with over 500 years of experimentation and scientific research.

Young blood plasma transfusions for anti-aging are in the experimental stage and not approved by the FDA as of August 2019. John Asher has tried the treatment and can personally attest that he felt younger, had improved muscle motor control, and improved sexual libido. The longer-term anti-aging impacts are yet to be determined.

Plasa Treatment Is Growing

A growing number of clinics offer plasma from young donors for anti-aging. At ALI, we encourage anyone considering these treatments to ask their health care providers to confirm that the FDA has reviewed the treatment that is investigational. You also can ask the clinical investigator to give you the FDA-issued IND number and to provide a copy of the FDA communication acknowledging the IND. We encourage patients to ask for this information before receiving treatment.

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