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Longevity Coaching Program


Our coaching program consists of the following:

  • Commitment: Six months.  Coaching may last as long a year.
  • Length: One to two hour monthly virtual coaching session via Zoom.
  • Follow up: Unlimited email exchange between meetings.
  • Participation: Only for partners together or single people.
  • Content: The nine steps to an unlimited life.
  • Cost: $500 per month with three-month minimum paid in advance.  At the end of the three months, another $1,500 in advance.
  • Coach: John Asher
  • Contact Info: Amy Sawyer – asawyer@asherlongevity.com

Program Agenda

  Month One:
  • Introduction to the 9 Steps
  • Medical History Sharing
  • Action Plan Development
Month Two:
  • Review of action plan progress
  • Steps one and two of the 9 Steps
  • Action Plan Development
Month Three:
  • Review of action plan progress
  • Step three of the 9 Steps
  • Action Plan Development
Month Four:
  • Review of action plan progress
  • Steps four and five of the 9 Steps
  • Action Plan Development
Month Five:
  • Review of action plan progress
  • Steps six and seven of the 9 Steps
  • Action Plan Development
Month Six:
  • Review of action plan progress
  • Steps eight and nine of the 9 Steps
  • Action Plan Development
Our mission is to make the Nine Steps to longevity easy to understand, simple to execute, and sustainable for the rest of your life.

Recent Testimonial

“In the short time since your Vistage Longevity presentation and the first two coaching sessions, there has been a remarkable difference for both of us.

Thank you so much for helping us overcome aging hurdles and providing guidance on our goal of living in total wellness.”

Warmly, Debbie

Coaching Principles and Guidelines

  1. Maintain a Positive Attitude: Your positive attitude needs to be inspiring to inspire your clients by your belief in them.
  2. Be Passionate: Be passionate and empathetic with a desire for helping others – this trait allows you to understand your client’s emotions and barriers to success.
  3. Have Great Listening Skills: Listening to clients is what life coaching is all about.
  4. Be Non-Opinionated: As a coach, your job is not to give client advice, it is to facilitate client’s finding solutions to barriers to success in their career or personal.
  5. No Judgements: The world is filled with people who hold different opinions that you don’t agree with. But, in their view of the world, these opinions might be accurate.
  6. Cultivate Curiosity: Curiosity fosters your ability to ask questions of your clients that help them understand their own feelings and how they impact their success.
  7. Be Challenging: The very best coaches challenge their clients so they gain a deeper understanding of their issues.
  8. Be Observant: Great coaches learn much by observing clients and sort out the subtlest signs of worry, uncertainty, and trepidation.
  9. Communicate with Clarity: To be an excellent coach it is vital that you communicate well on many levels such as body language, vocabulary and more.
  10. Stay Honest. Preserve your integrity. Your coaching relationship with clients depends on trust.
Interested in joining our Coaching Program?  Become part of the longevity club and help yourself and others live better and longer lives by contacting Amy Sawyer today – asawyer@asherlongevity.com

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