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Do You Know These Cold Shower Benefits?

When most people wake up in the morning they want to roll out of bed, brush their teeth, and sleepily stand in the shower under the hot water. The last thing most people want is to get hit in the face by ice-cold water. While it may not be a very pleasant feeling, what if I told you there were real benefits to taking a cold shower in the morning? Taking a brief cold shower can potentially: 

  1. Increase circulation
  2. Improve skin quality
  3. Help wake you up
  4. Increase endorphins
  5. Oxygen intake
  6. Alertness
  7. Improves metabolism
  8. Reduces muscle soreness

Let’s be honest, regardless of the benefits, nobody loves the feeling of cold showers. The good news is nobody is recommending that you switch to permanently cold showers. Just try to substitute them in a couple of times a week. It won’t be fun early in the morning, but your body and skin will thank you!

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