Take Control of Your Health with 30 Days of Step by Step Help & Coaching

Longevity “Get Going” Roadmap

These steps will quickly get you on the right path.


Step 1:    Assess complete blood bio-markers, including a hormone panel and anti-aging panel from the Life Extension Institute. 

Step 2:   Receive a 60-minute debrief from an Endocrinologist (blood doctor).  Take supplements as appropriate to get critical biomarkers in the optimum range.

Step 3:  Assess gut microbiome with a stool sample kit from Life Extension Institute. 

Step 4:  Receive a 60-minute debrief from a functional medicine doctor or equivalent.  Take appropriate supplements to rid the gut of bad bacteria, parasites, and fungi.

Step 5:  Get 8 hours of sleep

Step 6:  Determine (Google it) your normal weight range for your height.  If above, lose weight. 

Step 7:  Move every 30 minutes for 3 minutes. Perform cardio (daily) and strength training (weekly). 

Step 8:  Eat much less ultra-processed foods. 

Step 9:  Eat more whole grains, nuts, seeds, olive oil, fish, fruits and non-starchy vegetables. 

Step 10:  Cut way back on salt, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.      

Bonus:  Start fasting for 16 hours most days. 

Looking for additional advice?  Take control of your health with 30 Days of step-by-step help & coaching.  Click here to learn more.

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