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Strengthen Your Immune System with Regenerative Medicine

There are four fundamental reasons we die and one of those, is that the Thymus Gland right in the middle of our chest, which is responsible for a big part of the immune system, is shriveled up and dead at about age 70 and which explains why so many elderly people over 70, will get pneumonia, get the flu, now, of course, get COVID 19 and quickly succumb and die. That is one of the four fundamental reasons we die and part of that is, our stem cells are pretty much gone as well as the Thymus Gland being dried up.

Most of us have heard of stem cells. They are the fundamental cells in our body, that can morph into different cells. If you take a generic stem cell, it could, if it needs to, morph into a heart cell or a kidney cell. Wherever there is repairing needed in the body, the stem cells are ready to act and as our body becomes old or damaged, then they are replaced by these stem cells, which again have been transformed into the cell they are replacing or replenishing.

Now the trouble is again, as we age our stem cells lose their ability to regenerate, and at age 60, we only have 5% of our stem cells left and then at age 80, we essentially have none and again, as I mentioned in the first webinar, there’s a real strong correlation, to the fact that most men die at about 80. That’s the nominal age and the fact that we don’t have any stem cells left and you may remember another one of the four reasons we die, was the NAD+. We don’t have any of that left at age 80, either, maybe 2% left.

Stem cell exhaustion is just one of the ultimate culprits of tissue aging and therefore the regenerative medicine 1.0, is replacing the stem cells, and then 2.0, is the use of exosome therapy, which is an advanced way to use stem cells, and right now there are many, many applications for specific stem cell treatment. Many of our listeners have heard, that joints can be repaired with stem cells.

It takes a lot of stem cells to put into that joint and if the stem cells of our own, that we banked earlier are good or it doesn’t necessarily have to be our own and one interesting statistic, is that the orthopedic surgeons, who have a big business, have always had a big business replacing hips and shoulders and knees, their income’s gone way down because in many cases, patients will try stem cell therapy first and in many cases, the stem cell therapy works.

I’m just going to mention a couple of other applications for stem cells. There’s Osteo Arthritis. All arthritis can be helped with stem cell therapy. It can also help with Cognitive Impairment, Dementia Alzheimer’s Disease. Chronic Lyme Disease actually can be fixed permanently, with stem cell therapy and you don’t hear too much about it, but there’s another syndrome, called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that a lot of people suffer from. You just don’t hear that much about it, but they can be fixed with stem cell therapy, as well as people who have a stroke. The post-stroke treatment can be fixed with stem cells, as well as shingles. I’ve had three or four friends, who’ve had shingles get it typically after age 50, it’s horrible. It’s very painful, but stem cells can fix it. They can also help with Heart Failure, Glaucoma, Asthma, and almost any autoimmune disease, can be helped with stem cell therapy and now there’s a new treatment called Full Body Rejuvenation, where you pump stem cells throughout the body, to help the whole body rejuvenate.

That’s essentially regenerative medicine 1.0, is using stem cell therapy and what we’re doing is strengthening our immune system. Now 2.0, is using exosomes. Exosomes are the little teeny particles emitted by stem cells. What happens when you have an injury, chronic inflammation, then those parts of the cells are normal cells that are hurting. They send up a flare. Help, I need help and then the stem cells go to work and they emit all of these tiny particles, that go out immediately like a precision-guided missile, right to the cell that deeds repair and the exosome, these little teeny particles, each one has about 1500 tools, to help fix the cell. Proteins, enzymes, coenzymes and think of it as a little Home Depot, with 1500 tools that can immediately or sometimes over months, but quickly fix the cell and the exosome particles are so small, they can go through the blood-brain barrier and help with any neurological diseases, Alzheimer’s, Stroke.

That’s an overview of regenerative medicine 1.0, to help repair our immune system, the use of stem cells, and then the emerging one, the 2.0, is replacing the exosomes.

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