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Two Activities that Can Add Decades to Your Life

Yes, walking the dog counts. So does yard work, grocery shopping, and cleaning the floors. But it’s not enough. Dr. Mike is back. He and John Asher are talking about your simple exercise plan and why it’s important. We know this, but they get into the details of how different activities affect our bodies. From couch potatoes to bags of bones – find out in this episode how to easily convert to a stronger, healthier person who can fight off diseases. The second activity in addition to movement is strength training. This is how our body protects us. John tells us about research that shows after age 40, we lose 1% of muscle mass per year after age 70, one and a half. So if you don’t do regular strength training after age 40, by the time you’re 80, you’ve essentially lost 50% of your muscle mass. They also discuss the benefits of something as simple as Vitamin D and its effects on our ability to fight off and recover from illnesses, diseases, and injuries.

Listen to his previous episode with Susan Finch here.

Their next session together will be about the benefits of calorie restriction.

About Dr. Mike

Dr. Michael A. Smith received his medical doctorate from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Smith practiced Internal Medicine and Radiology in Dallas, Texas in the early 2000s and then transitioned to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries as an educator and consultant. Dr. Smith currently is the Director of Education and Spokesperson for Life Extension® and is the author of The Supplement Pyramid: How to Build your Personalized Nutritional Regimen.. He is also the host of Live FOREVERish, a podcast and Facebook live show for Life Extension®.

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