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Using Online Quizzes to Engage and Inform Patients

How do you engage patients – the ones seeking to improve their health and extend their lives? Engage them. Dr. Mike Smith is our guest today talking about building the history of a patient the old-fashioned way by asking questions, but by using engaging online tools and continuously reviewing and updating published research. It’s not about jumping on the latest Dr. Oz “Miracle Cure!”, but truly researching and backing up every article and protocol with deep research and evidence. Just like the Asher Longevity Institute, Life Extension is about the long game. We all want to know our patients and followers for decades. Tune in to this episode, “Using Online Quizzes to Engage and Inform Patients” to hear another passionate doctor talk about education and treating the whole person, including all of their history. This episode is guest-hosted by Funnel Media Group’s Senior Producer, Susan Finch.

About Dr. Mike

Dr. Michael A. Smith received his medical doctorate from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Smith practiced Internal Medicine and Radiology in Dallas, Texas in the early 2000s and then transitioned to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries as an educator and consultant. Dr. Smith currently is the Director of Education and Spokesperson for Life Extension® and is the author of The Supplement Pyramid: How to Build your Personalized Nutritional Regimen.. He is also the host of Live FOREVERish, a podcast and Facebook live show for Life Extension®.

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