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Feast or Famine!

We have all heard the phraseUnfortunately, too few people understand its significance in health and lifespan.  Do you?

Based on evolution, our ancestors ate an average of one meal a day. During winter, the limited availability of food was a challenge. Hence, the term “feast or famine”.  

Now, consider the “housekeeping” department in you favorite hotel after you leave.  They clean your room.  Well, for five million years, your body’s cells did the same housekeeping. The scientific term is autophagy.  During famine, autophagy processes remove all sorts of bad actors from your cells.  Those include stored fat, toxic waste, damaged proteins and other harmful byproducts.  

What has changed? 

As modern humans, we now consume calories all the time.  But our cellular housekeeping isn’t wired for that.  The resulting difference (or lag as it were) allows those bad actors to build up faster than they can be removed, which accelerates aging and degenerative diseases.  

Strategies to increase autophagy are many.  They include off-label use of certain drugs like Rapamycin.  They also include intermittent fasting, calorie restriction, and aggressive exercise.   Finally, they include supplements that activate cell energy (AMPK), precursors that maintain and repair our cells (NAD+), and a supplement of plant extracts called “Autophagy Renew“.  

Click here to read more from Bill Faloon, co-founder of the Life Extension Institute.  

Click here to order the three autophagy-inducing supplements:  NAD+, AMPK and Autophagy Renew from the Asher Longevity Institute website.   


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