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Eat a Diet Tuned for Optimum Microbiome Health – In Depth Guide

Microbiome Heath at a Glance:

  • Our gut is full of trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and worms
  • Together they are called our microbiome
  • Trillions of them also live on our skin
  • Trillions of them also live in a cloud around us
  • NIH research shows that our microbiome contributes 8 million unique genes to our bodies
  • 360 times the number of human genes
70% of our immune system is in our gut Results from eating a Western diet:
  • 40% of US adults are obese
  • Live an average of 13 years less than expected (JAMA)
  • 20 “healthy” years are lost
  • Another 32% are overweight
  • 10% have Type II diabetes
  • Typically lose 10 years of life expectancy (diabetes UK)
  • 46% have high blood pressure
  • 27% higher overall mortality from all causes (SPRINT clinical trial)
WSJ article 6/24/19   A new way of eating is urgently needed        

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