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Two Vitamins and a Mineral Critical to Longevity

90% of U.S. Adults are deficient in Vitamin D with catastrophic effects on longevity! Are you one of them?

And it’s not only Vitamin D deficiency.  It’s Vitamin K as well.  

To prevent cardio vascular disease you need to take Vitamin K and Vitamin D together.  This is worth repeating.  You need to take them together.  People focused on longevity know this, and practice their vitamin-intake regimen daily. 

But there’s another gap that people don’t realize.   It’s the mineral magnesium, which is a Vitamin D activator.

When Vitamin D, K, and magnesium combine together, good things happen.  The risk of cardio vascular disease goes down.  This include stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias and death.

To learn more about the potency of these three elements when combined together, check out this article in the April 2022 edition of Life Extension magazine. 

Importance of D, K and Mg together

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