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Old Brain Cells Dragging You Down?

Senolytic Activators Can Help.

Throughout the aging process your cells experience stress and damage from internal and external sources, the results can be full recovery to complete cell death.

When a cell dies and loses its ability to function optimally, it enters a permanent cycle called senescence. This is a completely natural part of the aging process. However, over time as senescent cells begin to accumulate, they can negatively impact the function of the healthy cells around them.

That’s where a senolytic activator can be greatly beneficial.

Senolytic compounds like theaflavins and quercetin help the body manage senescent compounds. Theaflavins have numerous health benefits such as:

  • Supporting healthy cell division
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reducing the senescent cell burden.

Quercetin is a unique plant extract that is known to promote cardiovascular health, improve immune function, reduce swelling, and fight cancer cells. The discovery that quercetin is a senolytic compound has put it on the forefront of innovative anti-aging research. As such, a synolytic supplement may be what you need to help your body and mind age without losing a step! 

If you are interested in seeking the benefits of a senolytic activator supplement, click here to learn more. There they can get you started on it, as well as a handful of other beneficial supplements to improve your body’s overall health and longevity.

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