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Tired of Counting Calories?

Mimic The Benefits Of Calorie Restriction This Way!

Longevity AI is a groundbreaking new supplemental formula that mimics a calorie restricted diet, activating many anti-aging properties.

This innovative formula was created thanks to the groundbreaking work done by Insilico Medicine, a biomedical tech company. They’ve created a database of research on over 200+ compounds thought to be capable of inhibiting certain aspects of aging at a cellular level.

Insilico Medicine then used an artificial intelligence algorithm to discover that withaferin A (an ashwagandha extract), Ginsennoside Rg3 (Asian Ginseng extract), and Gamma-Linolenic acid (from Borage seed oil) are an incredibly powerful blend that can actually mimic the aging-related health benefits of calorie restriction.

What are these benefits, and why are they important?

  • Molecular Integrity – Large molecules such has DNA, RNA, and proteins become sensitive and damaged as we age, and maintaining their integrity is vital to healthy aging.
  • Epigenetics – Gene expression can be altered and destabilized by aging. Maintaining youthful gene expression is critical to living a longer life.
  • Proteostasis – Protein homeostasis helps ensure the integrity of our body’s proteins, which are key to youthful longevity.
  • Inflammatory response – Keeps the body’s inflammation is important to long term health
  • Adapting to stress – As we age it is essential we help our bodies deal with physical and emotional stress safely.
  • Stem cell health – Think of stem cells as your internal maintenance crew, constantly helping replace old cells with new ones. Keeping these maintenance workers healthy is imperative to our longevity.
  • Youthful metabolism – As we age our metabolism slows, becoming less efficient, and producing less energy. Maintaining a youthful metabolism is influential in long term vitality.

The ingredients in Longevity AI work together to help counteract each part of the aging process listed above. Thanks to Insilico medicine’s groundbreaking technology we are able to provide such a versatile longevity supplement, addressing so many different aspects of aging. 

If you are interested in seeking the benefits of Longevity AI, click here to learn more. There they can get you started on this innovative new supplement, as well as a handful of other beneficial supplements to improve your body’s overall health and longevity.

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