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The Science

What Causes Aging

There is little mystery that all of us are alive today for explainable reasons. We need air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink, exercise to strengthen, and nutrition to grow. Learn More

Curing Aging

While there is not yet a “true cure” for all aging, science is rapidly closing in on the main causes of aging and in so doing is developing solutions one-by-one to dramatically increase life expectancy. Learn More

9 Basic Steps Essential to Extend Life

Executing these Nine Steps along with a few very basic lifestyle changes can greatly extend your life and allow you to live an active, productive life well into your 90s. Learn More

Managing Your Bio Markers

Although not the “only” thing you need to manage for long life, these basic 8 markers will tell the story of your health in a quick check. Learn More

What is “Good Sleep” for Longevity?

Getting a great night’s sleep, every night is vital to a long healthy life. It’s one of the most important ingredients to slowing aging and feeling more active every day. Learn More

Eating the Asher Longevity Way

Eating right is probably the most important of the Six Basic Steps to Slow Aging. It’s both what you eat and how you eat that will determine how long you live and how active you will be as you age. Learn More

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